Dental Fillings

What is a Filling?

A tooth-colored resin filling is a type of restoration that aims to fill in an area of a tooth that has become decayed. The decay is carefully removed from the tooth and a tooth-colored filling put into its place. Fillings help to restore the shape and size of the tooth after decay has been removed. Most of your resin fillings have the ability to last for about 10 years before it might be a good idea to have them replaced.

What Is A Filling

Why might a Dental Filling be a necessity?

The main reason you or a loved one might benefit from a resin filling is because it’s been found that you have a cavity. Cavities often occur because of inadequate oral hygiene and a poor diet. However, some patients are simply more prone and susceptible to tooth decay, and it’s more common for them to need treatment. To keep the decay from going deeper and requiring a root canal, it is removed and a filling placed in the small hole that was created.

Why Might A Dental Filling Be A Necessity

What makes you a viable candidate for a Dental Filling?

The dental filling procedure is quickly and easily done in our office. Both children and adults who have cavities can benefit from a resin filling. To find an area of decay, we will perform an examination. Using a dental instrument known as an explorer, we look for soft or sticky parts of a tooth that are indicative of decay.

What can you expect throughout the Dental Filling appointment?

The procedure begins with anesthetic to numb an area within the mouth. The decay is then carefully removed. The small crevice that will be left in the tooth is thoroughly prepped to receive the filling. We add composite resin filling material into this hole and smooth away any excess. The filling will next be cured with a special and bright dentistry light that hardens the material. You can expect the new filling to last for about 10 years before you may need to have it replaced. Fillings can blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile thanks to composite resin material.

If you think you might need a dental filling, contact our practice now so that we can get you in for a convenient appointment involving an examination.