Dental X-rays

What is a Dental X-ray?

An intraoral x-ray is a type of radiographic picture that enables us to observe conditions that are found underneath the surface of gums and teeth. We can help to diagnose and find a variety of dental conditions with the help of x-ray technology. X-rays are entirely safe and can be taken on an as-needed basis. We might provide recommendations and advice that you have x-rays taken before or even during certain procedures.

What Is A Dental X Ray

Why would you need Dental X-rays?

There are many reasons for why x-rays are needed and are beneficial to your oral health. They might be needed prior to oral surgery or when undergoing a root canal. We often recommend x-rays if you’re a new patient or are coming into the office for a follow-up visit. Because some conditions and oral problems can only be seen on an x-ray, they are incredibly beneficial to your future oral health and smile.

Why Would You Need Dental X Rays

What makes you a viable candidate for a Dental X-ray?

Most of the patients we see are viable candidates for intraoral x-rays. The technology that we use in our office is state-of-the-art and incredibly safe for patients of all ages. You can feel confident having x-rays taken in our office. You can even request a copy of your x-rays at any time so that you can use them for other purposes and appointments.

What happens during the Fluoride Treatment process?

The treatment process is quick and easy. We apply a liquid fluoride varnish to each surface of your teeth. This will help to prevent decay and strengthen your smile. Some patients benefit from fluoride if they have issues with sensitivity. We can apply fluoride in conjunction with other treatments and appointments. For example, we often apply the varnish after a cleaning and exam has been done. With regular treatments of fluoride done in our office, you are improving the health and strength of your smile in a way that will prevent the need for more invasive procedures and treatments later on.

If you would like to come in for fluoride treatments, call our office today and we will be happy to schedule you with a convenient appointment.