Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Being afraid, nervous or even panicked over visiting the dentist is completely normal. However, if your panic and fear is keeping you from coming in for treatment, you may want to consider sleep dentistry. Sleep dentistry simply refers to a variety of different sedative options that you can choose from when having work done. We offer a few types that are effective and safe for our patients of all ages.

What Is Sleep Dentistry

Why might you need Sleep Dentistry?

For patients who continually put off seeking treatment or who suffer panic attacks while in the office, we recommend undergoing sedation. Sedation is just as helpful for patients who have trouble sitting still or who are undergoing more complex procedures and treatments, like oral surgery. Because we have a few types of sedation available, we can help in choosing the sedative that is best for you. Sleep dentistry is safe for adults of all ages, including children.

Why Might You Need Sleep Dentistry

What makes someone a candidate for Sleep Dentistry?

Before undergoing any type of sedation, we carefully review both your medical and health records. This allows us to find the sedative best for you and administer it in a safe manner. If you’re undergoing sedation in our office, it is important to have a friend or relative bring you home from your appointment. It is not safe to drive yourself home after undergoing sedation, no matter how awake you might feel.

What can be expected with Sleep Dentistry?

We first consult with you to decipher which sedative is best suited to you. Nitrous oxide, which is often called laughing gas, is a sedative that calms and relaxes you. A small nose mask is placed over your face throughout the entirety of your appointment. We offer oral conscious sedation as well, which is a pill you’ll take before the appointment begins. IV sedatives are necessary for more complex surgeries and procedures. However, IV sedation can be ideal for patients who want to be completely asleep for their treatment.

If you have questions regarding sedation and sleep dentistry, call our office today and one of our team members can help in answering them for you.