Wisdom Teeth Removal

What is Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Your wisdom teeth will typically begin to develop anywhere between the ages of 17 and 25. If these third molars don’t have enough space to completely come up through the gums, they become impacted. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, they should be removed promptly via an extraction surgery. Wisdom teeth often cause problems when they are impacted or only able to partially emerge from below the gum line.

Why Would You Need Wisdom Tooth Removal

Why would you need Wisdom Tooth Removal?

If your wisdom teeth are impacted under the gums, they can cause recurrent problems until they’re completely removed. It’s not uncommon for the back of the mouth to feel sore or painful. You might even experience damage to other teeth and have issues with overcrowding. Wisdom teeth can and should be removed as soon as it’s found that they’re a problem to your oral health.

What Is Wisdom Tooth Removal

What makes someone a candidate for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

With the help of x-ray technology, we can find your wisdom teeth and determine if they should be fully extracted. Regardless of your age, we can remove these third molars so that they do not risk your future oral health. The surgery to remove them is quick, painless and easy for our practice patients. We recommend removing these teeth as soon as it’s found that they could become a problem.

What can you expect during Wisdom Tooth Removal?

The beginning of the procedure begins with a consultation. During the consult, we go over your sedative options and take special x-rays. You will then be sedated for surgery, though there are other options available. We’ll cut slightly into the gums and then remove the wisdom tooth that is found underneath. Stitches are immediately placed following the extraction. This exact process is repeated until all of the problematic wisdom teeth have been removed. You will experience some pain and slight swelling following the surgery itself.

If you think your wisdom teeth need to be removed, call our practice today and we will be more than happy to further assist you.